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It’s probably more accurate to call this Grounding, Centering your energy, and Protection, but that’s a mouthful. Focus is most important in spellwork. This meditation will help you sharpen your focus and direct your energy for more effective spellwork. It is also an excellent way to focus before starting any kind of project. I ground and center every morning to start my day off right. Use it when you need a little pick-me-up at work, and the cool part is that no one will even know you’re doing it. Practice it often until it just comes almost instantly and automatically. The more you practice, the faster and more effective it will be. The protection lasts as long as you believe it does. If you have any doubt, just ground and center again. 

Begin by breathing rhythmically. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

 Breathe in for the count of three. 

Hold it for the count of three. 

Exhale for the count of three. 

Hold it for the count of three. 

Begin to relax your body’s muscles. Continue breathing. 

Push away thoughts of work, the ride home, or whatever may be stressful. 

Continue to relax and continue to breathe. 

Focus on your personal energy, your chi…your essence…your aura. Become aware of where it is emanating from your body. Give it form and substance, like a glowing light shining brightest from your head and shoulders. Pull your energy inwards and focus it. Form it into a grapefruit sized ball and center it near your solar plexus/Third Chakra, near the middle of your chest. 

Continue to breathe. 

Envision strong, sturdy roots, coming from your tailbone and feet and sinking into the earth, like the roots of a huge ancient oak tree. Sink your roots deeply and securely into the earth, knowing it will hold you steady. (If you need particularly strong grounding, wrap your roots around the web of energy that is within the earth itself.) 

Continue to breathe. 

Now lift yourself up to where the Lady/Divinity/God is. You can pull Her/Him/It down, but go up instead. Move your mind upward towards the realm of Divinity. Visualize Divinity in the way you perceive it. When you find It, ask for Their protection. They are always there and will always give it to you. 

Envision Their protection. Give it form and substance, like a glowing golden light. Wrap Their protection around yourself. Visualize it. You can “wear” it like a glowing sphere, or like a second skin, or even something else. Just be sure to completely envelope yourself in it and leave no openings. 

Continue to breathe. 

Feel the warmth of Their love. Bask in it for a moment. Feel Their protection around you, your roots deep into the earth, and your energy centered and focused. Thank Them. 

Begin to drift back down. Gently come back to the here and now. 

Breathe deeply. Come back renewed and refreshed.

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