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The Besom:  a tool of cleansing and purification. 

A witch’s broom; a besom, is at its basic, mundane level, a cleaning device. It’s what brooms do. Use your besom to “sweep” your ritual area before beginning a working or ritual. Focus on pushing any negativity or anything inconsistent with your working out of your circle area and out of the house. You can sweep the floor or use sweeping motions. The power is in you, not the besom. The besom is used to help you focus your energy. 

Our Wiccan Pentacle Besom, at 8 ½” long and 3 ½” wide, is the perfect size for a personal or solitary altar. It can also be used with burning sage for smudging, another type of cleansing and purification. This besom is adorned with a pentacle; a powerful protection symbol. Personalize your besom with ribbons, charms, or anything meaningful for you. 

With its small size comes a small price! Regularly $10.95, it is on sale for $9.95, but only for a few days. Very limited quantities. 

 Blessed Be! Lady Ariell

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