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Gold Vermeil Pent with extended points

The points of the star on this very shiny pentacle extend beyond the Circle. This style of pentacle is often used to denote a Priest or Priestess who is a Third Degree initiate. It is approximately 1" across and cast in Sterling Silver and plated in 14kt gold. Immediately delivery.

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Gold Vermeil Double Celtic Knotwork Pentacle

Finely cast in Sterling Silver and then plated in 14kt gold, this pentacle features the gracefully flowing lines of Celtic knotwork forming a double pentagram. A beautiful reminder of your faith! It is approximately 1 1/8" across.

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Gold Vermeil Classic Pentacle

This simple, yet classic Pentacle is cast from 925 Sterling Silver, plated in 14kt gold and is 1 1/2 long, including the attached bail. The Classic Pentacle is highly polished. 

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Gold Vermeil Celtic Knot Pentacle with entwined Circles
This beautiful Celtic Knotwork Pentacle is approximately 1 1/8" in diameter. Finely cast in Sterling Silver, and then plated in 14kt gold, the five-pointed star is intertwined with five entwined circles! Great symbolism in this pentacle!
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Gold Rainbow Crescent Moon Pentacle

This pentacle is formed by a crescent moon done in finely cast celtic knotwork, and is beautifully highlighted by a inlaid rainbow stone in the center. It is approximately 1" across. Gold vermeil (14kt gold plating over sterling silver).

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