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SABBATS  - Bookmark this for future reference!


Oct. 31 Samhain  

 Dec. 21 Winter Solstice 4:20am Yule  

 Feb. 2 Imbolc  Mar. 19 

Spring Equinox 11:06pm Ostara  

 May 1 Beltain  

 June 20 Summer Solstice 4:50pm Litha  

 Aug. 2 Lughnasahd  

 Sept. 22 Fall Equinox 8:43am Mabon 

 FULL MOONS 2024 (times in EDT)  

 Jan. 25 12:54pm Wolf moon  

 Feb. 24 7:30pm Snow moon  

 March 25 3:00am Worm moon  

 April 32 7:49pm Pink moon 

 May 23 9:53am Flower moon  

 June 21 9:08pm Strawberry moon  

 July 21 6:17am Buck moon  

 Aug 19 2:26pm Sturgeon moon Supermoon and Blue moon  

 Sept. 17 10:34pm Harvest moon Supermoon  

 Oct. 17 7:26am Hunter’s moon biggest Supermoon of 2024  

 Nov. 15 4:29pm Beaver moon Supermoon  

 Dec. 15 4:02am Cold moon  

 NEW MOONS 2024 (times in EDT)  

 Jan. 1 6:57am  

 Feb. 9 5:59pm  

 Mar. 10 5:00am  

 April 8 2:20pm  

 May 7 11:21pm  

 June 6 8:37am  

 July 5 6:57pm  

 Aug. 4 7:13am  

 Sept 2 9:55pm  

 Oct. 2 2:49pm  

 Nov. 1 8:47am 

Dec. 1 1:21am  

 Dec. 30 5:26am